A Fearsome Critter of the stories of hunters and sheep-herders from northwest USA. А еще — добавляют комментарии без проверки, пишут в блог и на форуме, могут настраивать интерфейс сайта под себя. Is mountain ghost in form of young demale child in belief of Kumaoni people of Kumaon region in Northern India. According to Japanese belief, a mermaid-like yōkai with a mixture of human and fish features. The application allows to visualize images of Belarusian mythological creatures in Augmented Reality.

Is an animal that urinates fire in Old Slavic learned tradition.

Б. А. Рыбаков. List of Greek mythological creatures — The following is a list of creatures from Greek mythology. Legendary creature in Belarussian and Polish mythology, combining features of Domovoi, Dvorovoy, Leshy, Polevik, Chlevnik and others. UNITY AR, VR, MR Modellierung AR/VR & 3D. Japanese yōkai from Ōmi Province, a type of hi no tama (fireball), but can also take on the shape of a baby, licking the oil from lanterns.

Is a female house-spirit that lives behind the stove in Belarusian and other slavic folklore. According to Belarusian belief, spirit of the swamp covered with rust. Lucky for us it is possible to restore some … In Albanian popular belief, a snake-like creature that sleeps throughout the year and opens its eyes only on Saint George's day. Is giant woman in folklore of Inuits which steals children carrying them away in a pouch on her back. Язычество древних славян. About Victor Savchenko . Цыбулькин В. В., Сивальнёв А. Н., Сердюченко М. Н. Moscow, 1981. According to Belarusian folklore women-harassing water-spirit in form of man with puffy face, goose skin and enormous belly. According to Flemish folklore, a good home spirit, taking the form of a man or a farm animals and performing any hard work. The Highland water-horse, is perhaps the fiercest and most dangerous of all the water-horses. Inspired by the ideas of artists from the Danube School, Viktor Savchenko strives to depict the world as an indivisible whole, filling in the space on the page with the details of natural textures.

In Turkic and Mongolian (usually neighboring Slavic) folklore an evil spirit or demon, similar to slavic chort.

Chinese monster from ancient text of Shan-hai Ching, a goat with nine tails and four ears, with its eyes on its back. Is spirit of child abandoned to die which returns to suck the blood of its relatives in Inuit mythology.

He mainly works using the etching technique. In the fairy-tales and myths of Belarusian nation Zlydzens are usually described as small, humpbacked and nasty creatures that remind one of cats and dogs at the same time. These mythological characters often live under the masonry stove.

As Shatans are also known as cowardly creatures - they hide or run away from offenders. Bast shoes are quickly worn away because of the Shatans’ useless wandering. Victor Savchenko is a contemporary Belarusian artist who works in book art and easel graphics. Sometimes, Shatans have died from attacks of evil spirits and beings. According to Japanese belief, rain spirit resemble young boy with umbrella on his head. According to japanese beliefs, transformed ghosts of rice fields who appears as one-eyed, three-fingered humanoid figures rising out of the... A fictional fearsome critter of North America, described as a mouthless alligator extremely dangerous for lumberjacks.


— К.: ЧП Зеленский В. Л., 2016. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Zlydzens&oldid=985797558, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 00:39. According to japanese beliefs, a rare yokai with a large ugly head like a potato or a stone, wearing a straw-woven raincoat. UNITY; Система сакральных знаний страны восходящего солнца, включающая традиции синтоизма и буддизма, а также многочисленные народные поверья и городские легенды, содержит огромное количество ками («божество» или «дух»), ёкай («призрак» или «демон») и хэнгэёкай («звери-оборотни»). AR Application Belarusian Mythological Creatures at Hand .

The Manx dangerous and greedy water-horse. According to folklore of the Hottentots from the Kalahari (Namibia), terrible cannibalistic creatures with eyes on their feet. According to medieval christian sources, deadly snake which presses one ear against the ground and blocks and closes up the other with its... Is huge sea creature which back is covered with sand and often mistaken for an island by sailors. According to folklore of Western and Central Kazakhstan, imaginary creature of uncertain appearance, which frighten naughty children. The following is a list of creatures from Greek mythology.

Shatans[1] are odd-looking creatures of Belarusian mythology.

In accordance with Belarusian folklore, Shatans are neutral characters and act as symbols of idleness and laziness. In Belarusian folklore is unmarried Domovoy’s daughter who seduces human folk and has sexual intercourse with them. According to Japanese beliefs, a depraved spirit which emerges from the decorative folding screens known as byōbu. Registered users see this site without ads, can add comments without checking, write in the blog and on the forum, and can customize the site’s interface for themselves. Is a figure in folklore of Perm oblast in Russia used by adults to frighten children into a good behaviour. Creature of the brazilian folklore, a witch with head (or head and some other body parts) of a crocodile. Is African snake with movable horns which appears in some Greek, Latin sources and medieval bestiaries.

A greyish-colored animal with the head of a cat and the body of a lizard, from the folklore of Lagrand in the Hautes-Alpes region of France. According to Irish folklore, the dangerous water-horse. Due to this, vast areas of land in today’s Belarus remained intact. In Belarusian folklore it is said that Zlydzens are sometimes drawn to the homes of individuals who want to become rich quickly and of greedy owners.

According to Manx folklore, particularly noxious type of goblin, adept at shape-shifting. According to Japanese beliefs, a yōkai-poltergeist found in the space between the attic and the roof in some homes and temples. Zlydzens[1] are hazardous creatures in Belarusian mythology. When Shatans are tired of wandering around, they sometimes spin bast shoes. Б. А. Рыбаков. Contents 1 Mythical monsters 2 Mythical hybrids 3 Mythical…

According to folk beliefs of the kiwai papuans, all such mysterious beings, particularly those living in the sea. A vampire from Bolivia who hunts its human prey by appearing to them as a kindly old man who is lost and in need of assistance. According to Japanese belief, large one-eyed blue-skinned priests with a strong connection to magic. Moscow, 1981. An small disease-bearing ugly rat-like creature from Mapuche mythology.

They damage utensils, pour milk from pitchers; pans fly around the house. In Belarusian folklore it is said that angry mythological creatures (for example, the Witch) tease Shatans. According to local legend in Orsha in Vitebsk region of Belarus is black ferocious swine mysteriously appearing and vanishing into a thin... A barn brownie from Scottish Highland who took pity on old men, and threshed for them.

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