However, there is no evidence of this. With the Shiv Sena supremo’s biopic all set to release on January 25, the audience is eager to see the real life saga of their late roaring king on screen. He, however, told Queen Subhadrangi of Ashoka's future greatness.

After seven days, Chandragupta's son was "born". So, he told Bindusara that Chanakya had cut open the belly of his mother. Pingalavatsa returned to the court after Bindusara's death. [22] Sailendra Nath Sen believes that he died around 273-272 BCE, and that his death was followed by a four-year struggle of succession, after which his son Ashoka became the emperor in 269-268 BCE. [19] The Mahavamsa states that Bindusara had 101 sons from 16 women.

[25][20][26] Deimachos seems to have written a treatise entitled "On Piety" (Peri Eusebeias). Bindusara's wives, jealous of her beauty, trained her as the royal barber. Bindusara consolidated the empire created by his father.

[20], According to the Mahavamsa, Bindusara reigned for 28 years, while according to the Puranas, he ruled for 25 years. [36], The Mahavamsa commentary states that Janasana (also Jarasona or Jarasana) was the Queen's kulupaga (ascetic of the royal household). However, Subandhu wanted to become a higher minister and grew jealous of Chanakya.

Based on his observations of the Queen's pregnancy, he prophesied Ashoka's future greatness. [5] The prose version of Ashokavadana states that Bindusara was the son of Nanda and a 10th-generation descendant of Bimbisara. Besides, Ashoka's inscriptions found in southern India do not mention anything about Bindusara's conquest of Deccan (southern India). The different versions of Vayu Purana call him Bhadrasara or Nandasara. Shortly after this, Subandhu himself had to retire and become a monk due to Chanakya's curse.

According to the Mahavamsa, Ashoka had been appointed as the viceroy of Ujjain. Sometime later, Bindusara fell sick and decided to hand over the administration to his successor. Daniélou, however, believes that Bindusara brought the southern territories of the Cheras, the Cholas and the Satyaputras under nominal Mauryan control, although he could not overcome their armies.

[6] Alain Daniélou believes that he died around 274 BCE. On hearing about his father's fatal illness, he rushed to the capital, Pataliputra. [10], The Mahabhashya names Chandragupta's successor as Amitra-ghata (Sanskrit for "slayer of enemies"). [7], The Divyavadana version states that Pingalavatsa was an Ajivika parivrajaka (wandering teacher).

When she grew up, her father took her to Bindusara's palace in Pataliputra. [27] The 3rd century Greek writer Athenaeus, in his Deipnosophistae, mentions an incident that he learned from Hegesander's writings: Bindusara requested Antiochus to send him sweet wine, dried figs and a sophist.

[31], Diodorus states that the king of Palibothra (Pataliputra, the Mauryan capital) welcomed a Greek author, Iambulus. The Emperor refused to provide any weapons or chariots for Ashoka's expedition. Chanakya arrived just as the queen ate the poisoned morsel.

Ashoka then declared that if he was meant to be Bindusara's successor, the devatas would appoint him as the emperor. [14][15] Other Puranas give different names for Chandragupta's successor; these appear to be clerical errors. Meanwhile, Bindusara came to know about the detailed circumstances of his birth, and implored Chanakya to resume his ministerial duties. According to him, the southernmost kingdoms were not a part of the Mauryan empire, but probably acknowledged its suzerainty.[21].

[31][32] According to Sailendra Nath Sen, this appears to have happened during Bindusara's reign. Over the next seven days, he placed the foetus in the belly of a goat freshly killed each day. Realizing that she was going to die, he decided to save the unborn child. [5], Chandragupta had a marriage alliance with the Seleucids, which has led to speculation that Bindusara's mother might have been Greek or Macedonian. It mentions a legend about Chanakya's death: Chanakya asked the emperor to appoint a man named Subandhu as one of his ministers. Initially he started his own video company but later switched to producing feature films. Barring essential services such as long distance trains, BEST buses, auto rickshaws, milk vans, medical stores, all other establishments had voluntarily downed their shutters. [16] The Jain text Parishishta-Parvan names the queen as Durdhara, and states that Chanakya entered the room the very moment she collapsed. He was returning from a holiday in Lonavala accompanied … Bindusara asked him to assess the ability of the princes to be the next emperor, as the two watched the princes play. According to Daniélou, Bindusara's main achievement was organization and consolidation of the empire he inherited from Chandragupta. The 16th century Tibetan Buddhist author Taranatha credits his administration with extensive territorial conquests in southern India, but some historians doubt the historical authenticity of this claim. [6][33], Some Buddhist texts mention that an Ajivika astrologer or priest at Bindusara's court prophesied the future greatness of the prince Ashoka. Bindusara (r. c. 297 – c. 273 BCE), also Amitraghāta (Sanskrit for "Slayer of enemies")[1][2] or Amitrochates (Greek: Ἀμιτροχάτης)[2] was the second Mauryan emperor of India. The Greeks call him Amitrachates, the Sanskrit equivalent of Amitragatha", "The Minister Cāṇakya, from the Pariśiṣtaparvan of Hemacandra", "Avneet Kaur joins 'Chandra Nandni' opposite Siddharth Nigam",, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox royalty with unknown parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 September 2020, at 02:01. He died at the age of 42. He was the son of the dynasty's founder Chandragupta and the father of its most famous ruler Ashoka. ). He also had the title 'Devanampriya'. [14] For example, the various recensions of Bhagavata Purana mention him as Varisara or Varikara. On the way back to Pataliputra, he was converted to Buddhism by one Assagutta.

[12] The Dipavamsa, on the other hand, names Bindusara as the son of the king Shushunaga.

[23], "According to the Jaina and the Buddhist traditions Chandragupta had many sons and Bindusara was chosen to succeed him.

Based on this, Sen concludes that Bindusara did not extend the Mauryan empire, but managed to retain the territories he inherited from Chandragupta. The devatas (deities) then miraculously brought him soldiers and weapons. This time, Sushima was sent to quell the rebellion, but he failed in the task. They told him that they only opposed Bindusara's oppressive ministers; they had no problem with the Emperor or the prince. [12] Ashokavadana states that Bindusara sent Ashoka to lay siege to Takshashila. Bindumadhav met with an unfortunate accident on April 20, 1996. Reddy, therefore, believes that the Mauryan empire extended up to Mysore during Bindusara's reign. It names two officials – Khallataka and Radhagupta – who helped his son Ashoka became the emperor after his death. When his army reached Takshashila, the residents of the city approached him. However, by this time, Sushima had been sent to Takshashila, where he was unsuccessfully trying to quell a rebellion. Ashoka and Tishya were born to the same mother. Once, when the Emperor was pleased with her hairdressing skills, she expressed her desire to be a queen.

There, he killed his 99 brothers (leaving only Tishya), and became the new emperor. However, he died after being tricked into a pit of burning charcoal by Ashoka's well-wisher Radhagupta. Affectionately known as ‘Binda’, he had never shown an inclination to join active politics. [36][6], Historical evidence suggests that Bindusara died in the 270s BCE. Alain Daniélou believes that he died around 274 BCE.

Ancient and medieval sources have not documented Bindusara's life in detail. Therefore, he approached the 500 royal councillors, and suggested appointing Ashoka as the emperor after Bindusara's death, pointing out that the devatas had predicted his rise as the universal ruler. He cut off the queen's head and cut open her belly with a sword to take out the foetus. Alain Daniélou believes that Bindusara inherited an empire that included the Deccan region, and made no territorial additions to the empire. Sailendra Nath Sen believes that he died around 273-272 BCE, and that his death was followed by a four-year struggle of succession, after which his son Ashoka became the emperor in 269-268 BCE. Ashoka then entered the city without opposition, and the devatas declared that he would rule the entire earth one day. The name perhaps reflects his successful campaign in the Deccan. Therefore, Chanakya named him Bindusara, meaning "the strength of the drop".

Both accounts state that Chandragupta's minister Chanakya used to mix small doses of poison in the emperor's food to build his immunity against possible poisoning attempts. It is scheduled for release on January 25, 2019. When she was born, an astrologer predicted that one of her sons would be a king, and the other a religious man. [3], Buddhist sources that provide information about Bindusara include Divyavadana (including Ashokavadana and Pamsupradanavadana), Dipavamsa, Mahavamsa, Vamsatthappakasini (also known as Mahvamsa Tika or "Mahavamsa commentary"), Samantapasadika, and the 16th century writings of Taranatha. [18] According to the Vamsatthappakasini (Mahavamsa Tika), the name of Ashoka's mother was Dhamma. Bindusara was initially apprehensive about her low class, but made her the chief queen after learning about her Brahmin descent. [5][6][7] The Jain sources include the 12th century Parishishta-Parvan by Hemachandra and the 19th century Rajavali-Katha by Devachandra.

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