You’re the most special child and have a very special place in my heart. My beloved nephew, you know that you’re very dear to me. Happy birthday, man! Every year, whenever your birthday comes, I remember the day I first saw you, the moment I took you to my arms. 22Aunts are special womenwho specialize in fun daysand awesome gifts.

Lots of good wishes for your life! 19. Poems That Bring Awareness To Alzheimer's Disease. One of the most awaited days has come. 7. When there is no money from home. I couldn't imagine not having that smile, I couldn't even say.

18. 9I hope today is one for the booksI hope you smile more than you frownand I hope that your cake is pineapple and upside downor carrot or chocolate, or whichever you chooseI hope it’s exactly what you want, because it’s your day and you can have whatever you like.

I love you forever my little munchkin! 23Aunts make wonderful second-mothersand their love is just as strong.Enjoy your day, and as you say,I have never been wrong,so you will have the best of birthdaysand be loved by all who know you. My pain and sorrow are gone for a while. 14. I hope you can enjoy your 1st birthday so much because all these days will turn to beautiful memories.

May you never lack health and whenever you need, your aunt is here to help you. There are no expectations for the relationship. All other content on this website is Copyright © 2006 - 2020 FFP Inc. All rights reserved.

Tell her all your favorite things about her and celebrate the life of this important family member. You are not that little boy anymore. 19Let us sing in merrimentabout the years that you have spentliving life in all its lusterwith all the bliss that you can muster.Now your day of birth is here!We waited nearly half the yearto bake a cake and sing a songand laugh and dance the whole night long!Happy Birthday Aunt! Feed him well, so he'll grow up big. I hope God always guide your steps and make you strong enough to fight for your dream. My lovely nephew, today is yours so eat a lot of candy, chocolates, cakes and have a lot of fun. My good wishes and blessings are always with you. The copyright of all poems on this website belong to the individual authors. 1Dear aunt, there’s no one quite like you,You’re spunky, funny, and perky—it’s true.When I heard it was your birthday I just couldn’t resist. I can never forget that heavenly moment. 16You are a special auntie,Like a sister or a friend,Somebody I can turn to,When my world feels at an end.You’re like a second mother,I’m very glad you’re there,You always have the time for me,And show me that you care.Happy Birthday! Choose one of these poems, or write one for yourself and include favorite memories, best wishes, and love in this wonderful birthday gift. On this, beautiful day, I pray to God to protect you always and give you the success you deserve. May God make you a respected and noble human being! Happy 5th birthday, my handsome nephew! Remember that, I’m always here to support you. My name is Angel and I'm 20 years old, and my nephews father left his life so I took upon myself to be the father figure. An aunt & her nephew can have a very special relationship, which is why it is so important to make sure that she has great birthday wishes for nephew from aunt to help him celebrate his big day. There is nothing in particular that is uniquely nephew-like behavior. 10Every aunt want to be the knownas the cool auntThe type of aunt that let’s you stayup pass bedtimeAnd you were this type towards meAnd that’s why your my favoriteSo have a happy birthday, 11You were my favorite family member growing upThe one I could tell everythingand anything toWithout any judgementsAlthough you are another yearolderYou still look the same as I was fiveHappy birthday, my favorite aunt, 12Have a happy birthday, my favoriteauntMay you have an awesome dayMay you have a great cake,An awesome party,And maybe no one will bother youtodayI hope you have very happy birthday, favorite auntie. Keep in mind that, you’re always in my prayers. One of the most satisfying things for me is to see your dreams come true, my dear nephew. I’m glad to be here with you on this big day.

I feel immensely happy that you’re growing up so well but truly I really miss that little naughty boy. Have a great day! 16. I've held it in May all your dreams come true! If you find that one of these amazing birthday wishes is exactly what you need to express your love for your nephew, then please use it for his upcoming birthday and then let us know. My heartiest congratulations on your birthday, dear nephew! Have the biggest party and enjoy your day with your friend and dear ones. I feel so sorry for not being able to celebrate this special moment with you. 10. Happy birthday, my dear nephew!

25You’ve always been thereTo send birthday cards and callWhen I need support and love I love you, and that’s not allYou’re smart and lovingAnd your family and friends careWe all love youAnd we just want to shareA happy birthday with you! I hope God has the best plan for your life. It’s your birthday little man, I can’t believe how fast you are growing.

26Dear auntI could have just wrote on facebookFor your birthday But you deserve better than thatAnd I just wanted to sayHow much I love youFor all of your love and supportI hope your birthday is wonderful!

Whenever I see your sweetest smile,

18A thoughtful soul of kindness,A great big heart of love,A gentle caring spirit,An angel from above.My auntie is quite perfect,So on this special day,I want to tell her that I love her,She deserves a great birthday.Have An Amazing Birthday!

2. Happy Birthday to my awesome Nephew! That was the magical moment that I can never forget. It is a great gift for any women having a wonderful kid as her nephew. 14you are like a mother to me and you treat me like your child. 12.

This is why people carry fond memories about their aunts and uncles from their teenage years. 7 hope your special day is filled with happiness and joyYou are a wonderful, bright, amazing personYou deserve nothing but laughter and smiles on your special day May today be filled with peace and happiness I hope that there are many more days like this one, happy and simpleI hope that these days outweigh the bad onesand I hope that when the bad times do come, that you are strong enough to get through them, and know that your family is always here to love you.

Happy birthday, my child! Never feel alone because your aunt will always be by your side no matter what comes. Happy birthday, my child! Congratulations dear nephew on entering the adulthood! His relationship with his uncle or aunt is his and their choice.

May your day be everything you hope for and more, wishing you and your family a wonderful day filled with laughter and memories and many more to come! May you not know a better yesterday and all men shallcall you blessed. Best wishes my child and many years of a happy and healthy life!

My nephew is my heart.

It’s a blessing for me that not only I’ve considered you as my own son but you also loved me as a mom. They are fun, insightful, and loving, which helps any nephew feel closer to his aunt and also feel more appreciated and loved by her. I’m the proudest aunt of the best nephew in the world. Happy birthday dear aunt, not can’t tell you how much I love you. They don’t act like mothers,and act more like friends,which is why “cool aunt” exists. Happy birthday, sweetheart! May no sorrows ever come to your way of life!

When I see you, I hold on tight. May God give you much prosperity, success, and wisdom! And know the glee that I see when I see others happy like you. 21An aunt is such a special personwho loves you like her own.Her heart open, her ears are perkedto call you on the phone.She confesses all the secrets of her lively youth.She answers all your weirdest questionsand always tells the truth.Happy Birthday Aunt! Whenever I get mad because you're so unruly. The thing that they have going between them is that they are related. I know you’ll do your best. The strong smell of the hospital. 101 Happy Birthday Aunt Wishes & Poems for MY AUNTY; 5 Lovely Poem for Wishing Best Aunt on her Birthday. 25. Happy 18th birthday! They are gorgeous sayings that are sure to touch any nephew’s heart. I wish a life full of happiness, best companions and lots of success! Nephews like you come into this world in limited stock. Warm Happy Birthday Wishes for Little Boys. If you were not in my life, I could not have gotten the honor of being called an aunt. Always count on me. Happy birthday, dear nephew!

Happy birthday, twin nephews! I love you and miss you so much! 17. May God help you to fulfill all your wishes and make you the best human being! It was like a blessing touching your tiny hands, legs. 23. Never shall I forget the pain we went through, the tears we cried, and the question. I hope this day to come again and again in your life.

Happy birthday to the most adorable child in the world! However, the uncle and aunt are not as deeply invested in their nephew's future as his parents are.

I’m the proudest aunt. It can’t be denied that you always keep our house alive. But I've not been able to cry. When he was born he lit up the room. Not sure why 13When mum is angry with me, you are my advocate.

So today on your birthday I want you to know that you lookas flawless as could be.Happy birthday dear auntie, I love you so. Happy birthday sweet aunt, 15May the good Lord bless you on thisyour special day. There are no expectations for the relationship. Today you’ve grown up and I feel so proud of your life.

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