This sub is open to PAs, MD/DOs, NPs, Nurses, any other medical professional, or even the general public. They work with DEA frequently and … 5.) They are easier to get on with as entry level then moving on to other places from there becomes much easier. I would prepare for at least a year total, They used to give your academy class a list of locations and then students would have to fight over them haha. Without it there's little chance you would be hired. Have a cop question?

What are the requirements to become an Agent?

They hate it because they make a living by putting people in cages on the illusion that cannabis is somehow dangerous. What can I expect question wise for the panel interview.

Fbi is much more paper pushing. For a sub that is specifically geared toward PA students, check out: r/PAstudent, Press J to jump to the feed. I don't see a headline, "DEA takes down kids for smoking pot," or "DEA Agent takes down the local marijuana hookup." Minimizing exposure is probably a very wise thing to do so that you don't get unexpected guests. You might look into some Spanish immersion during college. 6.) Who you know can get you far, but you can’t always rely on that. Here's the place to look at what they are looking for Lots of jobs besides special agents too. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I had salesman and lawyers and pharmacists and all sorts of people in my academy class.

I am sure that military service will help significantly. I know they have an expedited hiring process in place but because of covid it's pretty slow.

I’m a new grad going through this as well. These positions are completely unrelated to agents. I don't think the Dea technically specifics but I would at least try for 1-2, Dea seeme slike the most fun to me. Forfeiture Support Associates is looking for a Data Analyst Supporting the DEA in N Charleston, SC 29405 with the following main skill: Database, Be a part of the nationwide law enforcement initiative that removes the tools of crime from criminal organizations, depriving wrongdoers of proceeds from their crime and impacting the infrastructure of... apply or read more here: To become a special agent, here are the eligibility and qualifications: Special Agent recruitment is done through local recruiters rather than By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Damn, even my brothers in blue be gettin' my agency name wrong!

Anything and everything pertaining to Law Enforcement is acceptable, so long as you stay civil. The most important qualification for getting an 1811 job is being flexible by agency and location. I have also been working out 5 days a week since the beginning of the summer and I plan on doing so for the next 4 years not only to be prepared but also because it is healthy and a good habit. At least which would be the fastest way or something because I’m already 31 and isn’t the hiring limit 37? I also recommend waiting until you have a job because it only takes about 2 weeks for the DEA to go through. When I run searches on my patients' controlled substances Rxs in my state, it still shows up as my former employers address. They are more relaxed for administrative positions. For a sub that is specifically geared towards pre-PAs, check out: r/prephysicianassistant. The interview was led by a panel of 3 representatives of the hiring DEA units. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

I think I'm trying to remove any obstacles to speed a start date up once I start but you are right that ultimately I can just not write those prescriptions.

I didn't think it was too difficult. I guess you can use your home address? There is a secret to the fed: There are some agencies that are easier to get on with. I personally do not have experience with the computer forensics hiring path, and I can look into it and get back to you. Very friendly staff and not intimidating by any means.

They can't talk. A bust last year that took down major synthetic drug labs (which, iirc, were being brought over from China?) I would memorize 20-30 professional stories that paint you in a good light and select the most applicable one for the question asked, I'll let your recruiter know haha. Take care of your licensing and DEA asap. Agents are very diverse. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hiring Process If i try and apply for a federal agency (NSA, FBI, etc) What does that background check look like? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Go out and affect legislature. I can't join the Military. Start here. Border Patrol is hiring by the way. Military and law enforcement experience will help more than any specific degree. If you are interested in becoming a Special Agent in the future, DEA is seeking individuals who possess Bachelor’s Degrees in FINANCE, ACCOUNTING, CRIMINAL JUSTICE, LANGUAGE, or ECONOMICS (minimum 12 hours of accounting) to assist DEA in fulfilling its mission to seize and forfeit the assets derived from illicit drug trafficking. I will have to wait for my MA license and CSR to process. But in the United States Secret Service and the FBI, it is recommended that you become an agent first for a good couple of years and then you can get additional training for cyber security positions and build up your cyber career I was wondering if it was the same thing as being in the DEA? This is both a community AND a high-tech job board. This just might me being overly cautious. In my opinion, you should wait. I still want to try being a DEA agent or a diversion agent or maybe just try to work an administrative job for the DEA but I was curious on how it is when trying to find a computer forensics path in the DEA? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Building bridges never hurts. I am assuming they check for a criminal record and look at all your social media profiles, and I also realize that they will interview friends and family, but … Due to the nature of it being a DEA license I wanted to make sure nothing would come back to bite me later down the line.


Hopefully you can find your answer here. edit: another thing to note is I am a type 1 diabetic but I keep my blood sugar well in range and I played football in high school with it and I have read that it is not a disqualifier. If you want heroin and meth to be legal because "if you can't handle it you're mentally disabled," fine. I was wondering how long it takes to be instated as a DEA agent? I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal. Digital Forensics, Computer Forensics, Incident responder positions in the DEA. How is the usual time line there after? If you get with one of the easier fed LEO jobs then it makes it all easier, you are already in. Hopefully you can find your answer here.

Any notable stories coming from first or second hand view? Resume cover letter is an essential addition to your job application. The liberal hysteria is strong here. I was looking at the DEA site and it says if you want to get into any computer forensics positions you need a masters degree and have years of teaching cyber security to be eligible for any positions. Dear Hiring Manager, Dear Sir/Madam, Dear [insert name of who you think the recruiter is even if it's not me] all work just fine. But if stuff happens ops go long.

But I would always recommend people become an agent instead haha. What's are the interviews like? Thanks! to stop drug trafficking gangs/cartels, and international drug trade. Going to ATF, FBI, HSI, DEA, LKJ, JHG, HGF whatever alphabet agency is much less stressful. They also have operations solely within the United States, like the pill bust in 2011 when they took done a ring of doctors for illegally dispensing prescription medication. So these positions within the DEA are purely analytical in nature, IE desk work. I wish I had done that myself. My job is at a federal site in MA but any state license is accepted. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

The DEA liaisons with interpol, the state department, and other agencies in the intelligence community to stop drug trafficking gangs/cartels, and international drug trade. Here's the place to look at what they are looking for. Have a cop question? 2.) It is both. It's just verbal abuse, not physical, so I can't call the emergency line for that even though it is messing with my mental health to stay here.)

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