Foo Fighters | FV's spawn time was changed to 45 minutes for a day (May 26th, 2020), then it was changed back to 75 min. Viviano Westwood | If you try and use a beatdown on him when he's moving, there is a chance of flinging him.

A player using the Holy Corpse to obtain Tusk ACT1. As the final stretch of the race begins, a new enemy appears in the form of a Diego Brando from another universe, being revealed that, before to attempt his gambit on Johnny, Valentine found a living Diego in another universe and convinced him to collect the corpse, using the last of his power to bring him into the base universe. 2 Minutes 5 seconds (Increase by 5 seconds per player on the server) Boom Boom Family (Andre Boom Boom | L. A. Funny Valentine is the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run.

Yoma Hashimoto | The Beggar | He also demonstrated that he is not afraid to kill his own men for their failures, as was the case with Axl Ro. Terunosuke Miyamoto | Wang Chan | Dio Brando | Cost to buy Similar to the Stand in-game, Funny Valentine will use most of the movesets and abilities of the Stand. The soldier also gave the Valentines a handkerchief that he kept with him during all the torture behind his eye.

It was featured in the 7th part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run. Miuccia Miuller | | Has 2500 base HP, increasing by 250 for each player in the server. Sale | If the bullet hits, it will deal good damage, Orange rays will surround Valentine when his health turns red, Protects Valentine for 10 seconds once very low. At some point later in his service, Valentine is captured by the enemy. It can ONLY be dropped by Funny Valentine. During that time, his captors' main form of torture consisted of brutally whipping his back, the scars he received because of this resemble that of the American flag. Despite this, Johnny then uses Gyro's steel ball to heal Slow Dancer and gets kicked in air, unlocking the Super Spin technique for himself. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Steely Dan | Diego Brando |

Press the "expand" button to see Funny Valentine's spawn rates.

Valentine also likes to take naps during the afternoon, with even his bodyguards refusing to annoy him when he sleeps.

It was later announced that it was actually 20%. Yoshikage Kira, Vento Aureo/Golden Wind Egypt 9 Glory Gods (N'Doul | Oingo | Boingo | Anubis | Mariah | Alessi | Daniel J. Nameless Child Murderer | Holy Corpse Funny Valentine's name is derived from the song, When the player is near him as he spawns, a message box attributed to him will appear at the bottom of your screen and say "Dojyaan! Sports Maxx | Make the United States the greatest country the world has ever seen/"Take the first napkin".

Valentine consistently appears with long, blonde hair, curling at its ends into several thick, well-defined rings. Funny Valentine

Hanae Orikasa | Bug-Eaten | Also bypasses block. It cannot be bought from the shop, nor can you obtain it by digging.

When the race reaches Philadelphia, Valentine, who has used his stand to replace his original stout body with a much more muscular and fit version of himself, uncovers Lucy Steel's attempt of stealing the Corpse parts. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Now it will only take away 15% of his health.

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