An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Hit Points 77 (14d8 + 14) If you're over the age of 18/an adult and don't wanna read smut written by a minor, then do not read this. Read 248 galleries with parody jojos bizarre adventure on nhentai, a hentai doujinshi and manga reader. If one of the players is thrown into the hazard activation area, Secco will dive from Cioccolata's helicopter and liquefy five different spots on the map. Cioccolata sends him to film people's expressions as they die while he tortures them with his Green Day and occasionally rubs Secco's head for doing a good job, and rewards him with sugar cubes. Doing so will make the screen adopt a radial blur for an instant. (Value of 3), Bucciarati must attack one of the three cars until one of their tires pop.

D an G |

Little is known of Secco's appearance as he constantly wears his Stand Oasis over him, only revealing his athletic build and crooked teeth. there was not a single panel in the manga where we could see him without his suit on. Tarkus | His hospital records only state his doctor's name without showing any psychological or physical conditions he has. For the category, see Category:Stands. Secco and Cioccolata with a kid.

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Good! Rubber Soul | Status The wig is looking good, too. It is the mysterious ally, a wheelchair-bound man with binoculars who quickly retreats to the shadows. A collection of NSFW scenarios tied by a bit of plot. This can stack up to +5. Anxious, Secco opens his second voicemail and learns that Cioccolata has encountered unexpected trouble. However, during cioccolata's backstory, we can safely assume that when he met secco for the first time, that he didn't have his stand yet, and the anime could very well animate that backstory and show us his actual appearance by then. She swaps out Jotaro's uniform pants for stocking and heels, while the rest of the uniform is just as we remember it. Yuya Fungami |

Diavolo, Stone Ocean Here are two more members of the Passione gang in Golden Wind. Steely Dan |

Cioccolata is a minor antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. Affiliation ZZ | Hanae Orikasa | Telefon: 12 345-20-41 The Mafia members move the bodies out of sight by dropping the bodies in the water between the boats, or by tossing them into the tall grass by the side of the road to the harbor. (Value of 3), Bucciarati must attack one of the three cars until one of their tires pop. Cioccolata is a minor antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. Bucciarati also resurfaces to knock out a panicking Secco but the Passione operative then takes a random boy hostage, which is shown to be Doppio.

Okuyasu's jacket is vividly realized, with quality fabric and rich colors on every last detail. .

Please consider turning it on! o naszej przewadze. Secco can hold his lungs for 4 minutes. Diavolo orders Doppio to look after them, knowing that they would cause mayhem and destruction throughout the city. Like his original universe counterpart, Secco Rottario was a former patient of Dolcio Cioccolata37 before becoming his servant. Secco can spend a number of spirit points to make an equal number of additional attacks in this manner on the same action. Oasis (オアシス, Oashisu) is the Stand of Secco featured in the 5th part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Vento Aureo. Secco was once one of Cioccolata's 'patients', used to satiate the latter's morbid desire to see others die slowly and painfully.

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