Wearing pieces of these Sets will provide numerous bonuses to the player. Mobile app is messed up. Unlimited Shuriken [Dragon Ninja] - No matter how many basic shuriken you use, your inventory never depletes. Best Armor sets for Nioh 2’s later game.

Nioh 2 farm orange inheritable. Wearing pieces of these Sets will provide numerous bonuses to the player. … In order to have access to Divine Graces you need one DLC (doesn't matter which one). Those who breathe in the powder will become paralyzed. For Stamina, you will need around 15 to comfortably wear the Warrior of the East armor set. Allows you to ready Levitation Scrolls with greater efficiency. On attendra désormais patiemment une petite vidéo pour découvrir en images les nouveautés, avant de reprendre les manettes. Allows you to ready Iga gunpowder bombs with greater efficiency. When used, these scrolls temporarily transform you into a Kodama, causing enemies to ignore you. If you're looking for where to find these sets and weapons, go here or here. Thanks Reddit! In short, from DotD upwards all divines (looted and forged) will have Graces from Part 1. Allows you to ready hemlock broth with greater efficiency. Cette dernière a visiblement des propriétés obscures puisqu’en l’ouvrant, le protagoniste sera aspiré dans le temps, et se retrouvera dans une version plus antique de la ville, en pleine période Heian (entre 794 et 1185 après J-C., techniquement). [Using the same skill twice, or in another stance, won't increase your attack power. 2 Pieces. Looking for these kind of things is what I believe this page exists for, and it would be of great help to me, if not, everyone who reached The Dream of the Wise. © 2020 Comiga! Thanks. You can find Nioh 1 set bonuses here: standard and ethereal. CHANGELOG. When set, these traps will explode when an enemy steps on them or after a set period of time has expired. The new text editor doesn't help either. I remember my lists for Nioh 1 still working back then. Allows you to ready Yaroka Water feathers with greater efficiency. Almost 20 heavy sets, but only 13 and 11 for light/medium :-/ Wish there were more choices for the latter ... A Master Swordsman's Power (the Dual Sword set) is incorrectly displayed here as Light Armor. The Mid Stance Strong Attacks are all thrusting, and can be used to poke the enemies from afar, High Stance Light Attacks >>> High Stance Light Attack >>> Piercing Rain (When opponents have an opening >>> Repeat. Master the art of the samurai in the brutal masocore action-RPG sequel Nioh 2 ... for death is coming. When thrown, this explosive device detonates on impact, scattering caltrop spikes. On Dream of the Strong, you can get Yasakani Magatama – This little item will reduce the Armor requirement for set by 1. Empowered Onmyo Magic [Grace of Tsukuyomi] - Grants you the Empowered Onmyo Magic status enhancement when you use an Onmyo Magic item. Rock Solid [Acala's Grace] - Grants you the Rock Solid status enhancement when you perform a melee attack within a certain time frame after guarding. Counter-Yokai Tactics [Imperial Ward] - Increases the melee damage and Ki damage dealt to yokai enemies. Yeah, half of the sets are from the first game; there are only a few missing. This Nioh 2 Armor Set Bonuses Guide lists all of the different set bonuses we’ve encounter in the game so far including details on what stats the bonus benefits most. @ArnoKikoo You can even use two different weapons, since swapping them doesn't reset the bonus. Iga Jonin Apparel is an Armor in Nioh. Blood and Gore, Suggestive Themes, Violence, Users Interact, In-Game Purchases, Special Xbox Series X Unlocked Livestream + AMA, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. You will need around 30 Magic for this build for some light use of Onmyo Magic. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Please open this thread in your web browser. A Multitude of Hopes [Ogo & Nagamei Masamune + Tokichiro's Gourd + Golden Gourd Armour], 2PC Auto-Life Recovery (Critical)3PC Cherry Blossom Damage +10.7%4PC Melee Damage +5.0%5PC Amrita Earned +12.7%6PC Increased Attack (Amrita Absorption)7PC Attack Bonus (Amrita Gauge) AAA, Appetite for Ascension [Merchant's Armour], 2PC Gold Earned +5.0%3PC Amrita Earned +10.0%4PC Ki Recovery Speed +15.0%5PC Auto-Life Recovery (Amrita Absorption), Champion of Tosa [Tosa Governor's Armour], 2PC Life +1723PC Gold Earned +10.0%4PC Melee Damage +4.0%5PC Faster Ki Recovery (Timely Guard)        Singular Mastery +15.7%, Dragon Ninja [Dragon Sword + Falcon Claws + Hayabusa Armour] [DLC2], 2PC Life +2583PC Increased Attack (Ninjutsu Hit)4PC Melee Damage +8.0%5PC Extended Dodge Invulnerability6PC Unlimited Shuriken [Info]7PC True Dragon Sword [Info], Head of the Iga Ninja [Hanzo the Demon's Spear + Iga Jonin Armour], 2PC Throwing Speed Up (Iga Enhanced Shrapnel Bomb)3PC Ninjutsu Power +454PC Melee Damage +6.5%5PC Increased Attack & Defence (Spear) +806PC Dash Ki Consumption -20.5%, Ii, the Red Demon [Red Demon Spear + Red Demon Armour], 2PC Spearfall Damage +10.0%3PC Active Skill Ki Consumption -10.0%4PC Melee Damage vs. Scorched Enemy +15.7%5PC Melee Damage +7.0%6PC Ki Recovery Speed +20.0%, Kurama Swordmaster [Usumidori + Semiore Flute + Yoshitsune's Armour] [DLC1], 2PC Increased Attack & Defence (Sword) +153PC Kurama Sword Dance Damage +15.3%4PC Melee Damage +6.0%5PC Yokai Ability Damage (Feral) +15.0%6PC Dodge Ki Consumption -20.0%7PC Attack Bonus (Skill) A, Master of Illusion [Swift Hawk + Flying Kato's Armour], 2PC Ninjutsu Damage (Unscathed) +10.0%3PC Ninjutsu Power +534PC Faster Ki Recovery (Ninjutsu Used)5PC Untouched Ninjutsu +15.0%6PC Damage Bonus (Ninjutsu Power) AAA-, Master of Spears [Mataza's Long Spear + Toshiie's Abacus + Mataza's Armour], 2PC Faster Movement (Enemy Killed) 90.0%3PC Triple Threat Damage +15.0%4PC Melee Damage +5.0%5PC Increased Attack & Defence (Spear) +406PC Active Skill Ki Consumption -10.0%7PC Thrust Damage +11.4%, Moonlight Flutist [Hazy Moon Flute + Samurai Noble's Armour] [DLC2], 2PC Life +2583PC Ki Recovery Speed +10.0%4PC Tea Utensil Drop Rate +10.0%5PC Melee Ki Damage +20.0%6PC Finishing Flair A [Info], Purifying Presence [High Priest's Armour (Male) / Wandering Shrine Maiden's Armour (Female)], 2PC Untouched Sacred Water 35.0%3PC Melee Damage vs. Yokai +3.0%4PC Life Recovery (Purification) 2885PC Melee Damage vs. Yokai +5.0%, Righteous Strategist [Tsuruga Masamune & Hocho Toshiro + Justice Ministry Armour], 2PC Amrita Gauge Charge +5.0%3PC Moon Shadow Damage +20.0%4PC Melee Damage +6.0%        Critical Yokai Shift (Dark Realm) +51%5PC Amrita Gauge Charge +15.7%6PC Melee Damage +9.0%, Ruler of the Riverside Yokai [Kawanami Kusarigama + Kawanami Clan Armour], 2PC Efficient Yokai Abilities (All) +22.5%3PC Whirlwind Damage +15.0%4PC Water Damage +10.7%5PC Melee Damage +7.0%6PC Increased Attack & Defence (Kusarigama) +80, Saika's Yatagarasu [Haccho Nenbutsu + Ravenwing Rifle + Yatagarasu Armour], 2PC Life Drain (Bullseye) 4503PC Dodge Ki Consumption -10.0%4PC Melee Damage +5.0%5PC Auto-Target Weak Point6PC Reduced Defence (Ranged Weapon Hit) 61.5%7PC Untouched Ammo +20.0%, Servant of the Gods [Shinto Priest's Armour (Male) / Shrine Maiden's Armour (Female)], 2PC Untouched Sacred Water 35.0%3PC Damage Taken vs. Yokai -3.0%4PC Life Recovery (Purification) 2885PC Damage Taken vs. Yokai -5.0%, Straight and True [Fan-Piercing Bow + Blessed Sleeve Armour] [DLC1], 2PC Bullseye Bonus +25.3%3PC Auto-Target Weak Point4PC Melee Damage +5.0%5PC Ki +606PC Untouched Arrows 20.0%, Tactician's Ingenuity [Heshikiri Hasebe + Legendary Strategist's Armour], 2PC Enemy Sensor3PC Amrita Earned +5.0%        Treasure Sensor4PC Melee Damage +6.0%5PC Melee Ki Damage +20.7%, The Spirit of Seimei [Genmei Onmyo Mage's Armour], 2PC Onmyo Magic Damage (Unscathed) +10.0%3PC Onmyo Magic Power +534PC Reduced Defence (Onmyo Magic Hit)5PC Untouched Onmyo Magic +15.0%, The Triumph of Tranquility [Bizen Kageyasu + Master Swordsman's Armour], 2PC Ki Recovery (Unscathed) +5.7%3PC Melee Damage +3.0%4PC Increased Attack & Defence (Sword) +50        Ki Pulse Recovery +10.0%5PC Active Skill Damage +10.0%, The Vicissitudes of Life [Transient Blade + Coin Threader + Pit Viper's Armour], 2PC Active Skill Ki Consumption -5.0%3PC Ki +504PC Melee Damage vs. Yokai +6.0%5PC Auto-Life Recovery (Purification), 2PC Item Drop Rate vs. Yokai +5.0%3PC Stealth (Yokai Enemies) A4PC Melee Damage vs. Yokai +5.5%5PC Life Drain (Melee Kill) 265, 2PC Blindness Status on Scorched Enemy3PC Reduced Defence (Ranged Weapon Hit) 50%4PC Burn Accumulation (Enemy) +15.0%5PC Melee Damage vs. Scorched Enemy +10.7%, Exemplary Eye for Elegance [Wisdom Sutra Sword & Plane Cutter + Hino Rifle + Swallowtail Armour], 2PC Luck (Critical) +303PC Damage Taken -3.0%4PC Tea Utensil Drop Rate +5.0%5PC Ki +706PC Melee Damage +7.0%7PC Luck (Critical) +83, First of the Four Guardians [Demon Cutter + Demon Arm Fists + Brave Demon Hunter's Armour] [DLC2], 2PC Life +2583PC Archer's Impact Damage +15.3%4PC Damage Taken vs. Yokai -6.0%5PC Ki Recovery Speed +15.0%6PC Active Skill Ki Consumption -15.0%7PC Attack Bonus (Strength) A, Hero of Troubled Times [Vice-Minister's Armour], 2PC Rifle Speed Up3PC Damage Taken -2.5%4PC High Attack Damage +6.0%        Auto-Life Recovery (Enemy in Confusion), Hunter of Tigers [Dodanuki Masakuni + Tiger of Higo's Spear + Tiger of Higo's Armour], 2PC Life +1723PC Piercing Rain Damage +15.0%4PC Faster Ki Recovery (Critical)5PC Thrust Damage +6.0%6PC Damage Taken -3.5%7PC Attack Bonus (Skill) B+, Imperial Ward [Bloodsucker & Spider Cutter + Soul Core Box + Demon Slayer Armour] [DLC2], 2PC Increased Attack & Defence (Dual Swords) +153PC Sacred Bird Flight Damage +15.3%4PC Ki Recovery Speed +10.0%5PC Purified Accumulation (Enemy) +15.0%6PC Anima Bonus (Purified Enemy) A7PC Counter-Yokai Tactics A [Info], Legendary Mikawa Warrior [Hikoemon Ichimonji + Diehard's Armour], 2PC Melee Ki Consumption (Critical) -15.0%3PC Melee Damage (Critical) +10.0%4PC Damage Taken -3.0%5PC Ki +706PC Melee Damage (Critical) +16.1%, National Unity [Jikkyu Mitsutada + Conqueror's Armour], 2PC Faster Sword of Meditation Activation3PC Damage Bonus (Enemies Defeated) A-4PC Damage Taken -3.0%5PC Melee Damage +5.0%        Gain Amrita (Strong Attack) 30, One for All, All for One [Ishida Masamune + Gallant Armour], 2PC Life +1723PC Night Rain Damage +20.0%4PC Melee Damage +4.0%5PC Damage Taken -3.5%6PC Strong Attack Ki Consumption -20.0%, One-Eyed Dragon's Ambition [Candlestick Slicer & Ridged Sword + One-Eyed Dragon's Armour], 2PC Life +1723PC Amrita Sensor4PC Melee Damage +4.0%5PC Ki +456PC Damage Bonus (Consecutive Attacks) A, Onmyo Austerity [Great Kanemitsu + Onmyo Warrior's Armour], 2PC Onmyo Magic Power +253PC Devastating Rush Damage +15.7%4PC Reduced Attack (Onmyo Magic Hit)5PC Damage Bonus (Onmyo Magic Power) A-, Saruyasha's Valour [Azai Ichimonji + Kohoku Master's Armour], 2PC Amrita Gauge Charge +10.0%3PC Anima Charge +10.0%4PC Damage Taken -3.0%5PC Attack Bonus (Amrita Gauge) A6PC Dodge Ki Consumption -20.0%, Seven Misfortunes, Eight Hardships [Sekishu Kazusada + Moonprayer Armour], 2PC Life +1723PC Melee Damage +5.0%        Extended Ailments4PC Damage Bonus (Ailing) A+5PC Damage Taken (Ailing) -18.0%6PC Melee Damage (Critical) +25.0%, The Crossed Sickles [Atagi Sadamune + Kingo's Armour], 2PC Life +1723PC Final Blow Damage +10.0%4PC Melee Damage +4.0%5PC Backstab Damage +15.0%6PC Melee Ki Damage +15.0%, The Honour in Harmony [Akechi Chikakage + Hyuga Director's Armour], 2PC Life +1723PC Flowing Shadow Damage +15.0%4PC Damage Taken -3.5%5PC Increased Attack (Onmyo Magic Hit)6PC Active Skill Ki Damage +15.0%, The Protection of Tamura Shrine [First Samurai Armour], 2PC Guard Ki Recovery +27.3%3PC Bullseye Bonus +30.0%4PC Active Skill Damage +5.0%5PC Ki Pulse Recovery +10.0%, The Red of Devotion [Great Chidori Cross Spear + Sanada's Crimson Armour], 2PC Life +1723PC Never Winded 50.0%4PC Melee Damage +4.0%        Block +205PC Break +256PC Damage Bonus (Damage Taken) A, The Rightful Eccentric [Vermilion Spear + Eccentric's Armour], 2PC Easy Target A+3PC Life +2584PC Strong Attack Damage +6.0%5PC Luck +276PC Strong Attack Damage +8.7%, Valiant Wanderer [Lost Kingdom Tonfa + Five-Man Bow + Great Hachiryo Armour] [DLC1], 2PC Piercing Projectiles3PC Bow Damage +22.3%4PC Increased Attack & Defence (Tonfa) +405PC Melee Damage +6.0%6PC Damage Taken -4.5%7PC Attack Bonus (Courage) A, Warrior of the West's Honour [Wave Swimmer + Warrior of the West Bow + Warrior of the West Armour], 2PC Life +1723PC Tiger Sprint Damage +20.0%4PC Melee Damage +4.0%5PC Melee Damage vs. Electrified Enemy +15.0%6PC Active Skill Ki Consumption -10.0%7PC Melee Damage (No Backstab Bonus) +7.0%, A Master Swordsman's Power [Bamboo Cutter & Bone Feaster + Master Swordsman's Armour], 2PC Life +2583PC Active Skill Ki Consumption -10.0%4PC Damage Taken -4.0%        Sign of the Cross Damage +15.0%5PC Increased Attack & Defence (Dual Swords) +406PC Ki Pulse Recovery +15.0%, 2PC Life Drain (Melee Kill) 1723PC Defence Bonus (Amrita Gauge) B        Attack (Yokai Shift) +304PC Faster Ki Recovery (Amrita Absorption)5PC Amrita Gauge Charge +15.0%, Dragon God's Sacred Treasure [Arrowsbane Armour], 2PC Life +2583PC Nullify Bullseye Bonus (Ranged Attack) 100.0%        Projectile Damage Taken -25.0%4PC Damage Taken -4.5%        Stalwart (Bullets & Arrows)5PC Melee Damage +6.0%, Golden Boy [Sozasamonji Matsukurago + Master Archer's Bow + Master Archer's Armour], 2PC Bow Damage +20.0%3PC Lightning Damage +15.0%4PC Damage Taken -4.0%5PC Life +1806PC Melee Damage vs. Electrified Enemy +20.0%7PC Life +180, Japan's Bravest [Sakon's Spear + The Exceptional One's Armour], 2PC Life +2583PC Tornado Damage +20.0%4PC Damage Taken -4.0%5PC Melee Damage +4.0%6PC Active Skill Damage +6.7%, Kintaro [Kintaro's Axe + Kintaro's Armour], 2PC Life +2583PC Rumbling Earth Damage +20.0%4PC Damage Taken -4.0%        Battle Focus Duration +30.0%5PC Increased Attack & Defence (Axe) +456PC Strong Attack Damage +15.0%, Mighty Monk [Stone's Bane + Benkei's Splitstaff + Benkei's Armour] [DLC1], 2PC Life +2583PC Toughness +204PC Roar Power Damage +15.3%5PC Yokai Ability Damage (Brute) +15.0%6PC Damage Taken -6.0%7PC Melee Damage +15.0%, Prestige of the Genji Bloodline [Yoshiie's Birthright Armour], 2PC Life +2583PC Guard Ki Recovery +30.0%        Increased Defence (Amrita Absorption)4PC Damage Taken -4.0%5PC Auto-Life Recovery (Timely Guard), Pride of the Sakanoue [Bishamon Spear + Marksman's Bow + Scion of Tamura's Armour] [DLC2], 2PC Life +2583PC Damage Taken -4.0%4PC Increased Attack & Defence (Spear) +305PC Ki Pulse Recovery +20.0%6PC Untouched Ammo +10.0%7PC Thrust Damage +15.0%, Profligate Sinner [Fudo Kuniyuki & Yagen Toshiro + Malefactor's Armour], 2PC Throwing Speed Up (Gunpowder Bomb)3PC Melee Damage vs. Paralysed Enemy +40.0%4PC Damage Taken -4.0%5PC Bomb Damage +23.6%6PC Untouched Gunpowder Bomb 20.0%, Samurai from Dark Lands [Starcutter Sword + Gozutenno's Axe + Obsidian Armour], 2PC Rage Duration +30.0%3PC Damage Taken -3.0%4PC Life +1575PC Melee Damage +5.0%6PC Life Drain (Lightning Attack) B+7PC Attack Bonus (Stamina) A, The Bold and the Boorish [Smirkwiper + Urn Splitter Hatchets + Oni Shibata's Armour], 2PC Life +2583PC Damage Taken (Mid-Attack) -10.0%4PC Increased Attack & Defence (Hatchets) +205PC Damage Taken -4.5%6PC High Attack Damage +7.0%7PC Ki Recovery Speed +20.0%, The Crime of Patricide [Udoto + Genryu's Armour], 2PC Extended Yokai Shift +10.0%3PC Amrita Gauge Charge +15.0%4PC Damage Taken -4.0%5PC Melee Damage (Dark Realm) +12.0%6PC Anima Bonus (Amrita Absorption) A, The God of War Looks Down [Tatenashi Armour], 2PC Projectile Damage Taken -15.0%3PC Damage Taken -3.0%4PC Damage Bonus (Equipment Weight) A5PC Damage Taken -3.0%        Elemental Damage Taken -20.0%, The Heroic Raging Bull [Realmtaker Spear + Raging Bull Armour], 2PC Life +2583PC Melee Damage +3.0%4PC Damage Taken -4.0%5PC Auto-Life Recovery (Amrita Absorption)6PC Dispel Ailments (Timely Guard), The Protection of Kannon [Stone Splitter + Myojin Scythe + Sincere Buddha's Armour] [DLC2], 2PC Life +2583PC Empty Retribution Damage +15.3%4PC Increased Defence (Timely Guard)5PC Guard Ki Consumption -8.0%6PC Attack Bonus (Poison Resistance) A7PC Poison Resistance +20.0, Tranquil Foundations [Sohaya Tsurugi + Greater Good Armour], 2PC Life +2583PC Ki +304PC Damage Taken -4.0%5PC Untouched Elixir +30.0%6PC Melee Damage +5.0%, Unifier of the Warring States [Ichigo Hitofuri & Oyako Toshiro + Child of the Sun's Armour], 2PC Life +2583PC Equipment Drop Rate +5.7%        Increased Luck (Amrita Absorption)4PC Damage Taken -4.0%5PC Luck Bonus (Amrita Gauge) A6PC Damage Bonus (Luck) A+, Unrelenting Grasp [Chi-Azamaru + Taira no Kagekiyo's Armour] [DLC1], 2PC Life +2583PC Life Drain (Grapple) 3154PC Grapple Damage +30.9%5PC Damage Taken -5.0%6PC Strong Attack Ki Damage +15.0%, Warrior of the East's Honour [Tombokiri + Warrior of the East Armour], 2PC Merciless Barrage Damage +30.0%3PC Damage Taken -3.0%4PC Melee Damage +4.0%5PC Attack Bonus (Constitution) A6PC Life Drain (Active Skill) 32.

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