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Paul Stephen Rudd (born April 6, 1969) is an American actor, screenwriter, and producer. Hi. "I like him x100 more. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. pic.twitter.com/j5Nss2feLX. He has also studied in Los Angeles’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts/West. Yes. — Lovesick Girl (@kat_blaque) August 15, 2020. Paul Rudd embraces being a millennial, wearing a mask in COVID-19 PSA video: 'It’s science!'. "I wanted to say thank you, for coming out and voting and doing your part," Rudd says in the video, as he hands a voter a cookie. Until yesterday, when Paul Rudd 2020 was revealed. ", The video interview also includes a clip of Rudd greeting a voter, who, after collecting her cookie, tells the actor, "Thank you for never aging.".

Read more about what information we store and how we use it in our Privacy Policy. "And he waited to greet people as they exited to say thanks for voting in the rain.". "It should not be hard to vote, " Rudd told the outlet. 23. 18. pic.twitter.com/WJi6ZBXB33. The actor spent Thursday morning handing … Rudd has majored in theatre from the University of Kansas. As people lined up in the rain, waiting to cast their vote, Rudd waited with them, handing out cookies as voters left the polls. Updated 6:38 PM ET, Thu October 29, 2020 (CNN) Do your civic duty, get a cookie -- from Paul Rudd.

Read more about what information we store and how we use it in our, The 33 Funniest Tweets About the Second Presidential Debate, 23 Scorpio Memes That Might Hit A Little Too Close to Home, 25 Funny Tweets We Loved From Women This Week, 10 Andrew Scott GIFs So Hot You’ll Need to Go to Confession, 10 Genius Gift Ideas for Your New Relationship, Chris Hemsworth Is Launching a Health and Fitness App, So Here Are Some GIFs. Just come across this photo of Paul Rudd. But for now, we’ll just bask in the bearded hotness that’s been rediscovered and imagine it’s 2018 again. 15. Subscribe and be the first to read our awesome content! "Paul Rudd is handing out cookies to early voters voting in the rain @ Barclay's Center," wrote user @onjrayuh, along with a selfie with Rudd. "But the question is: is this Paul Rudd handing out cookies at voting lines in 2020, 2016, 2012, or 1972, because again, dude doesn't age," joked CityNews Edmonton reporter Courtney Theriault on Twitter. According to videos and pictures circulating on Twitter, the beloved (and ageless) actor handed out cookies to people waiting in the rain to vote at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Sort of, since the photo is actually a still from his 2018 film Ideal Home in which he plays one half of a bickering gay couple (the other half is Steve Coogan) who take in the grandson Coogan didn’t know he had. Oh my. Some random online friend shared this article with me and I’m laughing so hard! pic.twitter.com/a5vtJjU0uf, — Fallon Brooks-Magnus (@FallonMagnus) August 14, 2020, Paul Rudd didn’t have to go that hard in 2020 but he did that, he did that for us. We’re just friends. Until yesterday, when Paul Rudd 2020 was revealed.

And everyone else needed the small break from the non-stop monster that is 2020.

Hollywood, we’ve got a hit on our hands. "I’m voting in Brooklyn and Paul Rudd is handing out cookies," tweeted user @Bowl_of_Worcel, along with a 17-second video of the "Ant-Man" star wearing a hat, rain coat and face mask. Some lucky New Yorkers got a sweet surprise from Paul Rudd on Thursday, as they braved the rain to vote early in the 2020 election. Rudd’s “new” rugged, bearded, scarved, leather-jacketed look has left us not just thirsty, but parched. As of Thursday evening, the video has garnered over three million views. I would leave my husband in a heartbeat. pic.twitter.com/ZlbE8hOvQ2, — MiddiMidori (@MiddiMidori) August 14, 2020. you vs the guy she told you not to worry about pic.twitter.com/eM0z9H7uB1, — Rebecca Swanner (@rebeccaswanner) August 15, 2020, LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME pic.twitter.com/dLjUrHVlD2, — Hillary Monahan (@HillaryMonahan) August 14, 2020, Today I learned I enjoy Paul Rudd in a beard. Brian Rosenworcel, drummer for the band Guster, told CNN he was in line to vote at the Barclay's Center when Rudd began to hand out the sweet treats. But, really, thanks… I think. Did 2020 turn Paul Rudd into Justin Theroux? If this isn’t a 2020 mood, we don’t know what is. Your email address will not be published.

And what his skincare routine is. He completed his schooling in 1987 from the Shawnee Mission West High School. We’re your source for the latest on lifestyle, entertainment, travel, fashion, beauty, and baking recipes. "i love paul rudd with my entire heart and soul," wrote @IR0NLANG, along with photos of Rudd with the cookies. This is not the first time Rudd has used his star power for good. 2020 has brought us a lot of things. Can bearded @ZacEfron and Paul Rudd please make a movie together.

pic.twitter.com/apPUek2suH, — Jody Houser ✒️️ (@Jody_Houser) August 14, 2020, I love the notion that this is what 2020 did to this guy. (May 06) pic.twitter.com/UfphWSmNNG, — PAUL-RUDD.COM (@paulruddcom) May 7, 2018. The actor spent Thursday morning handing out blueberry-and-cream cookies to early voters in Brooklyn. This election cycle has seen an unprecedented amount of Americans choosing to cast their ballots early, as more than a third of registered voters -- more than 75 million people -- have already voted, according to a survey of election officials. Another Twitter user confirmed the Rudd sighting. He studied theater at the University of Kansas and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts before making his acting debut in 1992 with the NBC drama series Sisters. 5. 2020 has brought us a lot of things. 1. "paul rudd really spending his day giving cookies to voters in the rain, he really is the only man ever," wrote @civiIswar. 2020 just keeps taking. pic.twitter.com/KYAfWwDWDX, — Alistine (@Alistinexoxo) August 15, 2020, 2020 Paul Rudd can be in my apocalypse survival group. pic.twitter.com/qKQPYkgyQZ, — Let's Eat Cake (@letseatcakeblog) August 15, 2020, When you're about to get into a fight on social media but think better of it. Good morning. Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux & friends catch the play 'Harry Clarke' in the West Village. Pleased to meet you. ", More photos of Rudd greeting voters with cookies were posted by the Barclays Center's official Twitter, which wrote, "Hey, look at us, who would’ve thought.. we’d be enjoying cookies with Paul Rudd after voting in BK". We don’t think that’s how it work — ohhhhh. Paul Rudd’s 2020 Transformation Is Something Else, *I understand that any information I add will be saved. Paul Rudd with a beard could literally rearrange my guts. By Rebecca Swanner | August 15, 2020 | 2 Comments. OH NO Paul Rudd aged like a year.

Paul Stephen Rudd was born on April 6, 1969, in Passaic, New Jersey, to his parents Gloria Irene and Michael Rudd. Some lucky New Yorkers got a sweet surprise from Paul Rudd on Thursday, as they braved the rain to vote early in the 2020 election. , YAY! This should be easy, not difficult. We couldn’t say it better than Cali Pendleton wrote on her Facebook, “I was not prepared for Paul Rudd, 2020. October 30, 2020 By Mike Pont/Getty Images Paul Rudd renewed his status as America's sweetheart on Thursday by handing out cookies to those waiting in … As a child, he used to love reading the comics The Dandy and The Beano. And, thank you for posting the original Facebook post that brightened everyone’s day – we’re just glad we could help keep it going! But, on the good side of the spectrum, there was Zac Efron’s new Down to Earth dad bod look, Cardi B’s “WAP” single, and… well, that”s about it. Lol. 10. 14. When you check the news to see if things have gotten better yet. Let's Eat Cake is the digital destination for women. "I was standing in line and I thought Paul was just there to vote, but then he starts handing out cookies to people in line," Rosenworcel said. <3. * I understand that my name, email address, and comments will be saved. This made my year, probably. I'm voting in Brooklyn and Paul Rudd is handing out cookies pic.twitter.com/XH4ikButCL. Rudd opened up about his tasty gift to voters in an interview with NowThis at the polls. Go #VOTE! pic.twitter.com/doGz2UCYOo, — Emily Rugburn (@PennyLane516) August 15, 2020, so Paul Rudd is trying to singlehandedly fix 2020 with this look, — The Ronin Cosplay (@theronincosplay) August 14, 2020, Love that we're having discourse on whether or not things need dark and gritty and reboots and Paul Rudd comes flying in looking like pic.twitter.com/YOkCQZr50A, — Andrew Shvarts (@Shvartacus) August 14, 2020.

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