A Placement configuration is specified (according to the kubernetes PodSpec) as: If you use labelSelector for osd pods, you must write two rules both for rook-ceph-osd and rook-ceph-osd-prepare like the example configuration. It is recommended to generate keys with minimal access so the admin key does not need to be used by the external cluster. The Rook toolbox can change the master zone in a zone group. rook-ceph-external /var/lib/rook 162m Connected HEALTH_OK, rados df Nodes are removed from Ceph as OSD hosts only (1) if the node is deleted from Kubernetes itself or

Rook allows creation and customization of storage clusters through the custom resource definitions (CRDs). You can use the cluster CR to enable or disable any manager module. When a pod needs to store various data (logs or metrics for example) in a persistent fashion, it has to describe what kind of storage it needs (size, performance, …) in a PVC. The cleanupPolicy should only be added to the cluster when the cluster is about to be deleted. On that machine, run cluster/examples/kubernetes/ceph/create-external-cluster-resources.sh. To control how many resources the Rook components can request/use, you can set requests and limits in Kubernetes for them. Annotations and Labels can be specified so that the Rook components will have those annotations / labels added to them. This allows to keep Rook components running when for example a node runs out of memory and the Rook components are not killed depending on their Quality of Service class. © Rook Authors 2020. When a non-master zone or non-master zone group is created, the zone group or zone is not in the Ceph Radosgw Multisite Period until an object-store is created in that zone (and zone group). If a user configures a limit or request value that is too low, Rook will still run the pod(s) and print a warning to the operator log. There are two scenarios possible when deleting a zone. Nodes are only added to the Ceph cluster if the node is added Look at the pods: kubectl -n rook-ceph … If the previous section has not been completed, the Rook Operator will still acknowledge the CR creation but will wait forever to receive connection information.

Documentation distributed under This endpoint must also be resolvable from the new Rook Ceph cluster. Specifically: If not specified, the default SDN will be used. For ceph-volume, the following images are supported: Ceph Drive Groups allow for specifying highly advanced OSD layouts on nodes including This includes related resources such as the agent and discover daemonsets with the following commands: IMPORTANT: The final cleanup step requires deleting files on each host in the cluster. The Rook toolbox can delete pools. Changes made to the resource’s configuration or deletion of the resource are not reflected on the Ceph cluster.

The intervals should be small enough that you have confidence the mons will maintain quorum, while also being long enough to ignore network blips where mons are failed over too often. CC-BY-4.0. If an admin wants to sync data from another cluster, the admin needs to pull a realm on a Rook Ceph cluster from another Rook Ceph (or Ceph… Octopus (v15.2.5+). possible while still maintaining reasonable data safety. When an admin creates a ceph-object-realm a system user automatically gets created for the realm with an access key and a secret key. When a ceph-object-store is created with the zone section, the ceph-object-store will join a custom created zone, zone group, and realm each with a different names than its own.

The Network attachment definitions should be using whereabouts cni. Resources should be specified so that the Rook components are handled after Kubernetes Pod Quality of Service classes. It is recommended to use a faster storage class for the metadata or wal device, with a slower device for the data. When all of theses object-stores are deleted the period cannot be updated and that realm cannot be pulled. Connect to each machine and delete /var/lib/rook, or the path specified by the dataDirHostPath. Documentation distributed under Currently there is an open issue in ceph-csi which explains the csi-rbdPlugin issue while using multus network. non-homogeneous nodes. The most common issue cleaning up the cluster is that the rook-ceph namespace or the cluster CRD remain indefinitely in the terminating state.

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