In the non-pedigree herd the South Devon bull can be used as a crossing sire or as a terminal sire. The first question has always been "What does a South Devon look like - I've never seen one?" Its color is a rich, medium red with copper tints, First introduced to NZ in 1969 the Breed’s role in cross breeding for beef herd improvement is now firmly established with studs nation-wide supplying bulls for this purpose.

We have produced this site to increase the awareness of South Devon Cattle in the cattle … South Devon cattle are the biggest English beef breed dating back to the 16th century. Read more information about this cattle breed below. Deer

The South Devon is the largest of the native British cattle breeds and is well known for its maternal and beef qualities. Bulls can work up to the age of 12. The average gestation length is 286 days, cows calve every year for as long as 15 …

The breed is mostly horned They breed well, calve easily and have one of the highest butterfat contents in their milk (4.2%) of beef breeds coupled with high milk yields which results in heavy weaning weights wrapped up in a package that retains a youthful appearance. Vice-President, was the first to import the breed into the United

Most births are single calves but twins do occur in approximately 10% of calvings. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The bulls grow faster and mature pretty earlier. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Wherever they have been introduced South Devon cattle have been well accepted and exhibited strong performance for production and profitability. In fact most cattlemen have seen them but have given the credit of their quality to a better known breed. FREE email The cows on average weight about 600-700 kg. though it varies in shade and can even appear slightly mottled. The cows are also early maturing, and may be calved at around 2 years of age.

Although it is now a purely beef breed, the dual-purpose heritage has significance for the suckling of calves. A dam can calve every year for as long as 15 years, with the average gestation of 286 days. Crossbreeding with South Devon These economically important traits combine a uniform approach and balance to commercial and registered ranching and feeding operations with the use of South Devon genetics.

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The breed is the largest of the British native cattle breeds, but are not related to Devon cattle which are also from England. The first South Devon cattle were brought to the United States in the year of 1969.

In the beef cattle industry today, South Devon cattle deliver necessary traits for success. Importations from Britain took place in 1969, and the first purebred animals were imported from New Zealand in 1971. Sheep, Bee

And since the 1960s the breed has been used as a purely beef breed. From the southwest of England they and their predecessors have provided Plymouth with beef and dairy products throughout it’s history. Today the breed is available in many countries of the world. They are well-known for their longevity and 100’s of years of docility are bred right into their genetics. Ostrich South Devon  have existed in south-west England for During the early years of the twentieth century the breed was considered as dual purpose, for the production of milk and beef.

It is used for beef production although it has been milked in the past. Bulls experience rapid growth, early maturity and can sire at around 15–18 months.

South Devon moms are easy to handle but are protective - they know the difference between people and predators.

The South Devon is a British breed of beef cattle. And the North American South Devon Association was formed in the year of 1974 for development, registration and promotion purpose of this cattle breed in the United States.

Privacy Policy  |  Web by Pivot Design, Dear Members It is with much regret that the New Zealand South Devon Society advises…, The 2020 South Devon Calendars are now available to order. Our aim is to produce superior beef animals, with the many qualities of the South Devon's they have to offer are their ability to convert grass, their notably known for their maternal traits with plenty of milk and fast growth rates producing large cattle that have a good beef conformation. The South Devon Herd Book Society was founded in 1891 when it was recognised by the government as an official body, and the South Devons become one of the fourteen breeds of cattle whose herd books date back to the second half of the nineteenth century. They are an English breed that can outcross with other English and Continental cattle breeds. Parker, CO 80138 The South Devon is the largest of the British South Devon cattle have a rate of gain and conversion that will compare with other beef breeds with the added advantage of fine grained marbled beef, which results in tasteful, tender beef.

By the year 1800, it had been established as a breed. The South Devon temperament is excellent.

They have a wide muzzle and All bull sale results for the current year are available here. Bulls have been sold across western Canada so many herds carry the South Devon influence. They are believed to have evolved from the large red Cattle operations using South Devon genetics can increase their profitability with a breed suitable for any North American geographic location. Quail Presently South Devon cattle have well established themselves on five continents.

A fully mature bull can weigh between 1,200 and 1,600 kg (2,600 and 3,500 lb), though the largest South Devon recorded has been weighed at 2,000 kg (4,400 lb). Goat

South Devon have a longer eye to muzzle length with a slightly larger ear and a rounder eye.

They are the largest of the British native cattle breeds. It is the largest of the British native breeds, and is believed to have descended from the large red cattle of Normandy which were imported during the Norman invasion of England.

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