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Second one says pretty much the same thing. Edit:  Your signal levels should be fairly stable. I see that its missing a number of channels but look at those power levels. No connection since monday. Tech dropped by today, tested the line outside and said nothing wrong wrong.


Any benefit to adding a splitter and capping it? If not, as in the cable length results are different from both ends, that indicates a cable problem at the indicated length. Technicolor CH USA Inc. Stay safe and stay home! 02:12 PM I was having issues where the network ports on my modem (in bridge mode) were stopping to work, no activity randomly.

update to downstream channels that will not lock due to dBmv and SNR problems. Internet came back and it rejoined the call but here are the modem stats during that time. Im having the same problem with C3700 modem/router. (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Manage Consent Do Not Sell My Data), Creating this thread to track issues with the XB6 Modem. The two port splitter will drop the downstream signal levels by 3.5 dB and push the upstream levels up by 3.5 dB. Whatever happens, ask the tech how he or she intends to drop the signal levels and not drive up the upstream levels to the point where the modem starts to shut down upstream levels if and when they exceed 51/52 dBmV. Fwiw, the XB6 modem uses an OFDM channel for the downstream data, but I don't know if that channel is used exclusively or if the modem runs a hybrid mode, combining the DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM data with the DOCSIS 3.0 SC-QAM data. I wonder if you happen to be close to the neighbourhood node as it would explain the high downstream levels? This feature lets you determine how good a deal you are getting on toilet paper purchases. Once that was done, I was good to go. Just that modem - no secondary router. Note the replacing the cable could be a pain if the pedestal is sitting on your neighbours yard. White (solid) Online with Internet access. However my expectation will be that the tech will not find anything and as the disconnects are fairly random but usually happen in the morning that I can tell. In the end, only a power cycle worked for me.

Don't have an answer to that one. Later this week I"ll have that checked on. A poor ground can also cause problems. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Take Xfinity XB6 as an example here.

@Datalink I'll take a look for some splitters and see what I have. I haven't had any noticeable outages the last few nights, so I'll be setting up a VM to test the uptime.

My MAC address is registered and the technical support at Time Warner can see my modem online, they can even reset it.

Amber / Green (alternating) Firmware download. Any thoughts guys?Downstream Channel Bonding ValueIndexLock StatusFrequencySNRPower LevelModulationUpstream Channel Bonding ValueIndexLock StatusFrequencySymbol RatePower LevelModulationChannel TypeCM Error CodewordsUnerrored CodewordsCorrectable CodewordsUncorrectable Codewords.

I also have an unusually large amount of Uncorrectable Codewords however .. it seems that this is a normal expectation? Its really annoying. The max power point for DOCSIS 3.0 modems is 51 dBmV. - edited If you looked at the cable where it enters the home, is there a powered amplifier installed or perhaps a splitter installed? Rogers typically uses 52 dBmV for a failure point. This is the result. Would the attenuator go inside or outside? Once everything stabilized, I did a speed test and ping test.

Lots of people have been echoing similar issues in the thread announcing shaw doubling their speeds. Very similar signal levels would indicate an issue at the local tap itself or upstream towards the neighbourhood node. The alternative would be a Forward Path Attenuator, which drops the downstream levels but leaves the upstream where they are. If your modem is constantly losing connection, doesn't that indicate that you have a bad coax connection from Shaw or a defective modem? Программируемый контроллер SIMATIC S7-1200, CPU 1215C 14DI, 10DO, 2AI (0-10В) , 2AO (0-20mA). Just looking at my downstream i can see in this short time that its jumping up and down quite a bit. There are various attenuation levels that can be used, but, they drop the downstream and push up the upstream levels at the same time. Downstream registration. I had the hitron previously which had no real issues once I had it reconfigured for passthrough instead of bridge mode. Note, there is always the possibility of problems upstream from the local tap.

Ask tech related questions, learn about new products, and get information. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I wouldn't expect to see any variations within this short period of time.

BR500 VPN Currently Experiencing Intermittent Connectivity Issues.

I did see a rogers maintenance truck  around the neighbourhood as well yesterday as the tech pointed them out. ‎05-14-2020 It could only lock (2) upstream channels, and got frequent T3/T4 timeouts. 08:41 PM.

Is it something I can buy and try out or something the tech needs to do in the box? A power cycle fixed this, but my connection was out for hours since the modem was stuck in whatever limbo state. My apologies in advance to your neighbour. So I'm not sure what Shaw has been pushing lately, but I've had a noticeable number of nights where the modem has gone offline usually around 1AM MST for various periods of times. The bigger question at this point is, is there a larger issue afoot that affects your immediate neighbours or perhaps a larger area.

not able to connect google home to xb6...anyone having similar issues?

- edited - edited If it is US/DS, then it is on the Upstream and Downstream.

I was able to grab a snapshot of the modem stats which look a bit weird to me. Ok, so from the description, it sounds like you're a new customer to Rogers.

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