The Mechanic of "Zenonia 5" is a gunslinger class with a high rate of CRIT. I want to train one mage since I got good equip (lvl45:635att) for mages from pvp but not for paladin sadly. Builds. Do not put any point into this skill for Zenonia 5 wizard build. 2 Int and 1 CON for additional HP to take more hits. Psychic Shield: This is a must have skill both for enemies and PvP situations. Psychic Storm (Test, but ulti should deal dmg) , So i Will go with 30-40 Points until Max lvl in my Passiv Tree I’ve done few Wizz and I think it’s most powerfull class on pvp. A few minutes later the boss is down. But spending money to purchase the skill points can help you. 3. As a wizard with emphasis on INT, you will have plenty more SP than HP. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Plus you can just add skill points to the CON passive BUT you can go 1 CON 2 INT per lvl (less dmg more survivabilty). 1 Int and 2 CON for a wizard tank build. Psychic Spin: This is a decent skill that you should invest 1 point into. Contras: none. Maxed magic arrow can be quite deadly when coupled with concentration because they do stack. Psychic Shield also is important, as the dam reflection of Ber and Pal can knock u down even if they are dead. Psychic Spin, Starfall, acutally not tested. Or Eva increase? However, this is a useless skill, at higher level it is much faster to simply use SP potions to almost fully recover your SP. Pros. 2. The [Damage] and [Approximate Skill Level 10 Damage] is there to help maybe compare the skills better. I’ve gone for a more traditional build for a wizard (FULL INT btw) whom relies mainly on aoe burst dmg, maxing out mental break, psychic spin, and starfall. (keep this stuff in mind in choosing your gear as well). Cause I had rly no idea how I shall skill my Mage. So your best bet is to keep a distance for casting it and wait for enemies to jump in the lightning storm. Devils Recovery -> with Psychic Shield nice to have This makes it extremely easy to farm and to lvl up. Full Int Wizard Build Your goal is to master most of the damage related skills. You know what I’m talking about lol, it can be useful. The game is over-rated. Well done… i build my wizard max int . Critical attacks effectively boost your damage almost two fold. I am interested to try the all passive route I think that would be a good build. 1 Lvl ; 2 INT 1 CON Instead of maxing out one skill I have 4-5 which allows me to always have one available while others coold down. 1 Lvl; 2 INT 1 DEX, Skills active:

In general, as a ranged magic class, you can up kill enemies higher than your level to earn some fast experience points. About skill, save point, max mana drain, mental break, psychic spin- priority (with enough damage it can even 1hitKO). And secondly: do not waste your points on Psychic Shield – you’ll run out of sp very fast so you would die. i am currently following melodiaa’s build,i think its ok,but sad to hear that its only for pvp. Other than that, this skill is pretty weak and do not put any additional skill points into it after the initial. Starfall: This is a decent skill however useless in PvP situations. Contras: none, have to skill! Contras: I havent found out rly contras. Hope this helps. The last two are pretty good to add leftover points into. You can also get hit by enemies while casting which means you will typically die with Tornado. As a magic and ranged class, your wizard is pretty squishy in the game. Having additional skill points can definitely make a difference in your game play. 5 Mental Break Mental Break: This is a great skill that have awesome attack damage while slowing enemies down. If you are close to the guy, the balls can all hit the enemy at the same time. If you can get your CRIT RATE to 70 or above, you can almost nonstop Critical attack with every blow. However this skill is pretty slow and you will get hit while casting this skill. If you’re a perfectionist and don’t want to waste any points, then skip the first few skills and you’ll end up with something like this. Your role in PvP with this build is to kill the enemies first before they take down your little HP. Let’s start! Doubles as a 1v1 and a mob attack.

You can then use this list to calculate the Zenonia 5 Wizard skill effects based upon the level. without use any zen ( doesnot have a avatar ) if lucky i can kill a mini boss in 1 hit, what skill is good to wizard into monster and to pvp ???? Max ATT Increase Max Crit Rate Increase Max Passive Master Max INT Increase Max Mental Break, Psychic Spin, and possibly Psychic Shield. Con increase? Comment below if you think you got better. Vit Increase -> recommended I recommend putting as much into DEX as possible. After you have completed the normal game mode, go for the mud titans in the graveyard to obtain the Mud Slayer: Attack +20% Kill 100 Mud Titans. Full Int build for maximum damage. I have been playing mostly pvp but haev no problems yet in the story (though just at the beginning). Max ATT Increase Max Crit Rate Increase Max Passive Master 1 Point into Mental Break, Psychic Spin, Psychic Shield, and Starfall.

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With that in mind, we will spec our wizard skills to focus on the damage. Very early on while farming in PvP I got two items each with reflect 50% – this is critical as many classes just get creamed by their own damage (100% is reflected and it is always on) while I use multiple spells to make up the difference. In PVP I take out played with double my ATT because they cant even touch me, and if they do manage to get to me, they usually miss because my EVA is so high. Thank you. It stacks on your spells, and your Auto Attacks Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With full int you will need to use some HP gears and title to compliment your HP count. However if u go for full int, after u reach 5x, 6x, 7x,… pvp is not gonna easy. – Feel free to invest rest of your points. However, in return of your massive damage ability, you are very squishy in taking any damage at all in the game. Pros: You can hit more creeps. ima level 30 and my main is veigar,kat,(before kha until he got nerfed),mord(dont use him much anymore), garen,and sivir. They make great PvE gear farming character for their high damage output against single enemy. Play around with the ATT and Crit to see which stats yield better battling result for you. The Wizard of Zenonia 5 probably has the best normal attack in the game. This skill defeats the purpose. So basically you’re going to want to choose 2 to 6 main attacks to fill your skill slots. If you have found this useful, please share it with your friends and other people on the internet. You can do the 3 small attacks, use a skill, then hit attack after the skill is over and the 1 big will still work. Zenonia 5 skills also have invincibility frames now, so that's a big plus for this class. It's fast, and with the new 8 directions you can attack (rather than the previous 4), you can aim your attack diagonally and juggle enemies that would kill you otherwise. Teleport: You will dash forward in the game and damage the enemy near you.

STATS: Devil’s Recovery (will be strong with Mana shield, but without i dont think that you will need it in the High lvls) The Wizard/Mage class in Zenonia 5 has been nerfed and isn’t as powerful as one would expect from a spellcaster class. To be blunt, by putting it into all 1 will just net you will 1 hit deaths AND you can’t kill much. For the upgrade stones concentrate to get 3 skill update stones that focus on INT, ATK, and lastly the critical rate if you want to aim for 100% critical ability. Maybe Cri per Int passive? However, during normal monster play this is decent skill to get out of mobbed situations. i used to have a level 50 assasin in zenonia 4,quite fun. you must use one and then the other or both at the same time? Wizard Stats Build Your wizard building is pretty straight forward in Zenonia 5. In this guide, we will go over everything that you need to know about building your Wizards from stats to skills. The Wizard has a bunch of meh abilities in the lower levels; if you’re a perfectionist you’ll probably want to skip most of them and rely solely on your normal attack. 2. The arrows that this skill shoots typically have low accuracy. Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny is the fifth installment of Zenonia series. You can do either the following: 1. Psychic Spin (Test) You can make judgement on the order of maxing these skills. help me choosing this skill *Warning: This guide is only for casual playthroughs. Based these stats, we have prepared 3 kinds of recommended stats build for your Zenonia 5 Paladin. However, even then you will still have hard time at bosses. . Job done xD. Your email address will not be published. 1. the more you have in DEX the more often your attacks will proc a critical strike.each critical strike that lands will push the monster (and in PVP, the player) away from you. You can deal more dmg with your normal attacks. If your dex is high enough, even bosses cant resist a crit’s and their knock-back effect. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Better than the skill above it, Wrath Strike; you can get 5 hits if there is some space between you and the monster. Having higher EVA will make your Psychic shield’s job easier too and keep your SP pool alive. This is not for PvP or new game plus. It’s fast cool down time. The fire runes do not do enough damage to kill your enemies and confusion is less helpful. Something you can do with your normal attack combo—it goes 3 small blasts then 1 big right? I wouldnt master any actual attack skills, maybe 3 to 5 points per skill at the most.

There are 108 skill points (Max level is 109 now) so my ending skills would be, Psychic Ball (1)Tornado (1)Force Wall (1)Chain Lightning (1)Mana Drain (10)Mental Break (1)Psychic Shield (1)Psychic Spin (10)Concentrate (10)Starfall (10)Psychic Storm (1)ATT Increase (10)DEF Increase (10)CON Increase (10)INT Increase (10)Passive Master (10)Devil’s Recovery (1)Area Zero (10). Like the Psychic Ball, Tornado has a really fast cool down time which is good for players. I have 120 wins and 9 losses just using max Int. It might be time to get back into the franchise, thanks for the skill guide! 0.34 CRI per DEX isn’t too shabby either. Bring DEF up a bit, INT to about 90/97, and go all out on DEX. making it very difficult for things and people to come running at you when they are constantly getting pushed back with every single blow. first two active skill , psy shield , buff dame , flash and psy spin . After those points are used. It is important to choose a skill that is the best for your Zenonia 5 Wizard build. Mental break, AOE Dmg

However, it usually does not. i need for set lv 50 wizzar. You will find that only a few strikes will actually hit. look me up I have something like 600 W – 21L in Pvp (Maruru2). Magic Arrow: Magic arrow is useful in boosting your normal attack. If you pull the enemy in without killing it or immobilizing it, you will more often take a hit.

2 Int and 1 CON for additional HP to take more hits. Perfect balance between def/hp and att. I challenged you with my Paladin but failed, not undefeatable though. Hello! must me to learn mental break,pyschic spin and starfall until max? You can do either the following: 1. Guard Crash [5] – Great attack you get early on. SKILLS: You will not die so fast: I’ve been playing alot against only inf Wizards, and their main problem is VERY low def and hp: they die after 2-3 hits. This is especially useful for boss situations. We usually recommend full int for the maximum firepower that wizards are supposed to be in the game.

Contra: The Dmg isnt huge enough to get in in my smart cast.

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